For many years, farmers and their predecessors have often pointed out the possibility of agricultural companies providing themselves with their own energy, such as electricity, vehicle energy, cooling and heating. We would like to contribute to the spread of the solutions that have been developed and which now exist.

Locally produced clean energy in the form of hydrogen can be the way ahead to solve the energy issue in a fossil-free manner. Raw materials for that solution are available. For example, cultivated grassland, fertilizer, waste, forestry produce, sun and wind, among other things. Pending a breakthrough of hydrogen, we produce fossil-free clean diesel and aviation fuel from the same raw materials. The municipal waste that we clean is also an important part of the raw material needed for achieving large volumes of energy. “Waste to energy”

We work together with clusters of entrepreneurs and/or individual stakeholders.
Key factors for profitability are:

  • Sufficient volumes with content suitable as substrate. Fertilizer from animals, cultivated grassland, food waste, organic sludge and other organic material.
  • Suitable distances to biogas plant. Transport and elapsed time affect the cost of the ”raw material”, i.e. the substratum cost
  • Rationally built biogas plants with a high degree of automation.
  • Proximity to the deposition of produced energy. Or by pipeline to the right place.
  • Farms with cows, beef cattle, pigs and hens are well-suited.
  • Cooperation with the municipality – municipal food waste, is especially good.
  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants can also contribute with raw material