Biofertilizer – technology

Our method contains a completely new and important process based on wet chemical treatment. We separate heavy metals from sludge, which is then sold for reuse on the market. The process also destroys pollutants and is completely clean with no side products but instead produces two different types of fertilizer, one liquid and one solid.

The process uses small amounts of chemicals and the residual products are guaranteed for further reuse. The recovery of heavy metals is high and the remaining organic material can be reused as fertilizer in agriculture or pellets for forestry. Biofertilizer is produced using an environmentally friendly method and with a maintained level of important nutrients, such as phosphorus, for cultivation.

This method solves the problem of residual sludge from municipal biogas plants and wastewater treatment plants, and other types of industrial sludge, such as pulp and food-producing industries, also landfill and incineration problems. The mining industry is also one possibility in the future when it comes to managing the problem of mining sludge. We also prevent large quantities of toxic gases, CO, CO2, NOx and fluorinated gases, and CH4 from being released into the atmosphere due to landfill and incineration.