Biogas to hydrogen

There are many ways of producing hydrogen. A common one is through the steam reforming process. The best method for circular production is to use organic material and waste as raw materials for digestion to produce raw biogas, which can be converted into hydrogen in the next phase.

Our company’s focus is on upgrading biogas to clean hydrogen.


Metacon AB is a company that has a patented technology for the production of clean hydrogen. Metacon’s core business is based on unique, patented technologies, processes and systems for the production of hydrogen through catalytic reforming of various hydrocarbons, such as biogas, natural gas, LPG and ethanol. It has been developed by their subsidiary Helbio S.A. in Greece and verified in more than 25 different systems in various versions, supplied for more than 15 years. Biogas is an excellent raw material for the Swedish market. It gives a carbon neutral hydrogen production without other harmful emissions. The ability to integrate the proprietary reformer with fuel cells and other system components, enables Metacon to offer complete, turnkey products, systems and plants, in different sizes and for different applications.