We have advanced knowledge of planning, projecting and building complete biogas plants with new technological modules that produce various forms of clean energy.
Biogas can be a good fossil-free energy feedstock in the future and a great asset to society. It is also a prerequisite for Sweden and the EU, together with other countries around the world, to meet several challenges and climate targets that have been set up. It is part of a closed cyclic system, where society’s food waste, wastewater and rest products, together with agricultural and industrial materials, provides fossil-free renewable fuels, electricity, heat, fuel and raw materials back to industry, as well as biofertilizer. The production and use of biogas as a raw material for further processing makes efficient use of society’s resources.

Biogas to hydrogen

The greatest significance of biogas in future may be that it can be reformed into hydrogen. The demand for hydrogen gas is growing and biogas can become the basis for a large part of the total hydrogen need. The advantage of hydrogen in an automotive environment is that no exhaust gases are emitted. Zero emissions. The only residual product is water vapour into the atmosphere, and it is from an inexhaustible raw material that can be found worldwide: our own organic waste.

Biogas to diesel

Biofuels have been discussed for many years with projects ongoing in different parts of the country. Forestry produce such as logging residue, sawdust and other products from forests can be used. Now, through our partners, we can offer patented methods for producing diesel from raw biogas. For example, agricultural companies and other landowners will play an important role in the management of cultivated grassland, green waste, in addition anything else that can be digested. We have the solution and are now planning to roll out local facilities. 3 million litres of fossil-free clean diesel = small-scale production. Anywhere you want production. Volumes of substrate are important.