Hydrogen for vehicles

Hydrogen becomes vehicle energy in Keyou engines, for example, i.e. diesel engines that can be driven with hydrogen. Or hydrogen for fuel cells that power electric motors in vehicles. Or to any other application where hydrogen can be used.

Never before has the situation and the political conditions for converting energy production been better in our part of the world.

We can take part in the spread of technology development to start the conversion of the hydrogen drive to meet the zero emission target.

Via their governments, various states are now preparing for conversion. The EU is giving large grants and a cautious period of learning is taking place in Sweden. Given that there have been, and still are, some opposing forces, we can now dare to go further in the development.

Nordic Eco Solutions AB is involved in the planning for rolling out tank stations. Sites noted now are where this work is to begin. For many years, companies, researchers and others have been working to develop the use of fuel cells, the future idea of a hydrogen society. Development is still ongoing and everybody is getting increasingly closer to an extended use of fuel cells and thereby a greater demand for hydrogen.

Keyou GmbH, from Germany, with founders Thomas Korn CEO, Alvaro Sousa CTO and Ivo Pimentel CBDO, has been preparing for a global launch of a hydrogen powered combustion engine. It is a cost-effective solution with zero emissions. Revolutionary and patented methods. This will speed up the introduction of hydrogen in several ways.