Municipalities & agriculture

Municipal waste, sewage sludge including other contaminated organic material

There are huge amounts of sewage sludge found in Sweden and the Nordic countries, not to mention the rest of the world. The problem is that the sludge is contaminated, which means that it cannot be used as a soil improver unless purified by this process. We have expertise that for a few years has been developing an optimal way to clean sludge and increase the degree of biogas in the digestion process. 36,000 tons of sludge produces 7000 tons of good soil improver/fertilizer.

Soil improvers produced

This process involves the destruction of pharmaceutical residues and other toxic elements in the sludge.

Extracting metals from sludge and waste

An important step in this process is to extract metals, which our method can do. Mining sludge, municipal sludge, etc. are cleaned and can then be used in a positive way. Can export in large quantities if necessary.

Cleaning up soil, sediment, mining waste and road materials

With our method – Reverse Reduction Process (RRP) – difficult waste issues can be resolved. There are large amounts of contaminated material out there, which we can use our method to clean.