Off the grid

More and more people are mentioning “off the grid”. That is to say, no connection to the traditional electricity grid but a household, a group of households or office and industrial buildings, that see an opportunity to take the matter in their own hands. Ask us and we’ll tell you more.

Create your own energy solution or together with others

From waste to biogas to hydrogen, it can produce electricity, heat, cooling and vehicle energy. With raw biogas as a basis, we can show when it will be profitable to take the final step. The technology is based on the production of hydrogen, which is then used via fuel cells, for example, to provide the energy needed. You can be your own energy company.

Talk to us about Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions

By CHP we mean electricity and heat to your home, your holiday home or why not an entire residential area. Read more on how you can build your own energy solution via the link below. CHP stands for Combined Heat and Power – which is a term for producing your own electricity and heat production. Our sketch not only shows the vision, but also that it is quite possible at this very moment.

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Variety of solutions

The drawing indicates several alternatives for creating your own energy within the yard, within a residential area, industrial area or why not a smaller municipality. The “off the grid” solution is a complex issue. You may be keen to go deeper into the subject. Let us look into your case and evaluate the existing opportunities. Crucial is your needs and what ”raw material” we can use.

  • Biogas – gives the chance to run biogas engine / turbine with generator.
  • Biogas – provides a chance to produce electricity and heat via fuel cells. Hydrogen!
  • Biogas provides hydrogen for industrial needs.