Vehicle gas

Vehicle gas is the collective name for biogas and natural gas or a mixture of both, which is used as a fuel for vehicles. Most of the gas consists of methane. Biogas is renewable and does not add any new carbon dioxide to the atmosphere during combustion.

Biogas will also be an important part of the production of vehicle diesel and aviation fuel, as well as the extensive production of clean hydrogen as a clean source of energy in the future.

Some concepts to note:
Raw biogas,
Upgraded biogas is called vehicle gas
Natural gas

Statistics on vehicle gas

1,537 GWh of vehicle gas were sold in 2019. The proportion of biogas is increasing steadily and now accounts for 94% of vehicle gas sales. In addition to these volumes, the sale of liquid vehicle gas also increased for long-range heavy transport. Here, too, the proportion of biogas is high. Upgraded biogas is called vehicle gas.

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